4 Chili Pepper Grow Kits For the Lazy Gardener

4 Chili Pepper Grow Kits For the Lazy Gardener

There are many ways to grow chili peppers from seeds. If you are lazy, new to growing chili, or just want to be sure that you will get everything you need for your chili plants chili pepper starter kits may be something for you! In this post, you will find some information about some chili grow kits I find very interesting.

Most of the chili grow kits are coming with organic seeds for varieties like Spicy Green Cayenne Pepper, Sweet Yolo Wonder Red Pepper, Yellow Banana Pepper, Jalapeño, Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Moruga Scorpion Pepper, and Ghost Chili Pepper. To name a few! On top of being organic, the seeds are also non-GMO and with a high germination rate! Thus, you may not need to worry about germinating chili seeds.

See also: The Best Way to Germinate Chili Seeds if you prefer starting chili seeds without a grow kit.

What makes this really compelling for new chili growers is that some kits also come with organic planters, soil discs, and plant markers. On top of this, some of the kits come with very detailed instructions and everything you need to grow peppers at home. Therefore, you don’t need any instructions. Everything is ready for you to just start your chili seeds!

1. Backyard Safari Company Germination Kit

Backyard Safaris kit is one of the cheapest grow your own chili kits that I’ve found. If you buy this you’ll get 6 heirloom seeds: Tabasco, Habanero, Poblano, Cayenne, Hot Banana, and  Jalapeño! You will also get a starter soil, recipes, and wooden plant ID stakes. On top of this, you will also get growing pepper instructions! 

I think getting recipes are really great. It can be really hard to know how to use your homegrown chili peppers. Especially if you get A LOT of peppers to harvest!

It must be noted, however, that you need larger containers (or replant them outside) because the pepper plants need to get nutrients and spread their roots. If you grow indoors you may want to buy a grow light to give the plants some extra lighting.

2. Nature’s Blossom Sow & Grow

I really like this one as it has everything you need for growing your own peppers. Nature’s Blossom’s pepper germination kit includes 4 pepper seeds: Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Moruga Scorpion Pepper, and Ghost Chili Pepper. Super hot pepper, that is. You will also get seed packets, organic planters, compressed soil discs, and markers. One for each pepper type! 

This chili grow kit also comes with detailed instructions with chili pepper growing tips! You will have to buy containers and a growing medium (see how to mix the best chili soil for guidance).

I think this is the best pepper grow kit for beginners that want to learn how to grow. I mean, instructions WITH growing tips in one package? Great deal!

3. Grow the World’s Hottest Peppers at Home! 

Another very simple chili grow kit that comes with both soil and seeds for three of the world’s hottest chilies (see here). The package comes with good chili soil and you just open the package, water, and see them grow. Just make sure that you know how to water chili plants. You should, of course, transplant the plants as they grow. It really doesn’t matter whether you grow your peppers outdoors or indoors. Just transplant your peppers to larger pots, if growing indoors, or bring them outside and put them in the ground.

See also: How To Grow Chili Peppers Indoors and Outdoors

4. Click & Grow

Click & Grow chili grow kits includes capsules that you just fill with water. However, this grow kit will require that you buy, or already own a Smart Garden. Click & Grow Smart Garden is basically a self-watering container perfect for growing peppers indoors if you lack space. This grow kit solution is a bit more expensive compared to the other ones but comes with more growing equipment.

Click & Grow kit with LED lights

The container is equipped with LED grow light, a growth medium that will make your chili plants grow like crazy. That is, your peppers will get just the right amount of water, air, pH, and nutrients to thrive at its best! Did I mention that it is self-watering? Oh well, it is, so you hardly have to take care of your pepper plants at all!

You need to buy the Click & Grow refill capsules (see below) and plug them into your Smart Garden. This means putting in your capsules, filling the container with water, and start it. The Smart Garden is easy to move and you can have your peppers grown in the kitchen. Or any other place you like, of course. Great for a new chili gardener. Especially, if you don’t want to spend any time reading about how to grow hot peppers.

Self-watering Container that can be used for growing peppers
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Click & Grow Self-watering Container (photo: Elina Mark)

Click & Grow Pepper Indoor Kit

There’s also a cheaper kit from Click & Grow. This chili grow kit doesn’t come with LED lights but you get chili seeds. You don’t have to do anything else except for keeping the water tank filled with water. And yes, you need a4 batteries and fill the tank with water once in a while.

Refill chili seed capsules

If you already own a Smart Garden you can buy refill capsules with chili pepper seeds. They are, of course, also very easy to use. The chili seeds will germinate in 2-3 weeks and grow to full size in no more than 3 months. When you are done growing peppers you can recycle the capsules. They are 100% biodegradable.

Click & Grow’s starter kits are perfect for the really lazy, or if you are new to cultivating chilies. You really don’t have to do more than give the plants water and watch them grow! I also think they deserve plus for the mobility and that they look quite nice.

The Best Chili Grow Kit?

It must be noted that I have yet to try any of these promising kits. That said, I have not tested which one is the best chili grow kit. However, all of them seem very good. It all depends on what you want. If you are looking for something that will help you learn how to grow chili I think that Natural’s Blossom’s kit may be the best one. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend time caring for your chili plants the Click & Grow germination kit and their Smart Garden may be a better grow kit!

In the future, I hope to have time to review the pepper grow kits. Until then, if you have tried them out, please let me know how it worked out for you!

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