Growing Poblano Chilies Indoors

Growing Poblano Chilies Indoors

In this post, you will find images of the two Poblano chili plants that I have been growing this season. Poblano chili is a variety of the species Capsicum Annuum.  The chili fruit, is not that pungent (1.000 – 1500 Scoville) and when dried it’s called ancho or chili ancho. As will become clear from the images below the pod grow quite big and is beautifully green. The skin of the chilies is quite thick. This makes them ideal for stuffing, for instance.

Poblano pepper from my first plant
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Ripen Poblano Pepper

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Growing Poblano Chilies Indoors

This season (2017) I am growing 7 different chili varieties (Poblano, Christmas Crown, Jalapeño Giant, Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate, Reaper Chocolate, and one unknown). The first Poblano plant started blooming very early (April, if I remember it correctly) and got one HUGE fruit very early. I let it bloom and now have 6-7 quite big chili pods. In the first image, however, you will see the first pod growing on my second Poblano plant. If you are interested in how I grow my chilies see this post.

Poblano green pepper growing indoor
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Poblano growing

I think the largest pod yet was from my first plant. It is the one you can see at the beginning of the post and it got like 12 cm (~6 inches) tall.  In the image below you can see the one I measured just before I picked it. A note, the absolutely first one I let turn red. It seems like these peppers turn red if you don’t pick them when they’re green.

Huge poblano chili pepper
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A big chili pepper fruit

I grew both chili plants in containers. I only had 5-litre containers at home. Now, growing chili plants in too small pots is not optimal. I did not, however, dare to move the to Poblano chili plants to bigger because they had started blooming.

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Another chili pod

It seems like the plants grew quite well anyway. I did use a liquid fertilizer which I added to the water. In the last couple of months, I actually put the fertilizer in the water every time I watered my chili plants. In a more recent post, you can learn what to make with chillies.

Poblano pods growing big
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Two Poblano Pods

The pods are growing quite big on this chili variety. I had to tie strings to the roof or else the branches could have broken. The plan is now to dry the pods on low heat in the oven so it becomes ancho chili. If I get a lot of anchos, I may make some ancho chili powder. If you have any suggestions on what to do with the peppers, please let me know.

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  1. there is alot of things you make with chili poblano. they are good for a meal or side dish known as “rajas”. I use them in salsas. I also make chili rellanos with them.

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